Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

Oct 2018 - Anti-Social Behaviour

Student related Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour increases in Jesmond, South Heaton and Ouseburn during the academic term. This occurs both as a result of noisy parties and the transient noise incurred by students preparing for nights out and returning in the early hours of the morning.

What we are doing about it  

Operation Oak was set up and has been successfully running for several years.  On key nights during the academic terms, officers are deployed to solely tackle student related anti-social behaviour, patrolling key areas and engaging with the student community.  Working closely with the universities and the local council, a tiered response system has been implemented whereby those making unnecessary noise can be given a warning in the first instance, with reprimands increasing to include Acceptable Behaviour Agreements and the seizure of musical equipment for those who repeatedly cause a disturbance.

Keeping you informed 

While Operation Oak will continue throughout the academic year there has been a change in the Police response to noise complaints in general. The local authority is the lead agency for noise issues. Any calls received to the Police in relation to noise issues will be risk assessed by control room staff. Where appropriate officers will be allocated but in most cases callers will be advised to contact the local authority who has reporting mechanisms in place.


Officers will be deployed on Operation Oak every Friday and Saturday from 11pm until 5am, any resident wishing to report student related anti-social behaviour during these hours should ring 07504898148.

Oct 2018 - Burglaries and Theft from Vehicles

In October there has been an increase in burglary dwellings of insecure properties and theft from vehicles in the Jesmond, South Heaton and Ouseburn areas.  These incidents occur at various times of the day.


What we are doing about it 


Operation Gold has been implemented to raise awareness to members of the public who inadvertently leave their properties insecure.  Where police find an insecure property, a pizza box is left in a prominent position inside the property.  Inside the pizza box has a message that reads – ‘ This time it’s an empty pizza box – next time it could be an empty home ‘.  A leaflet inside the box provides crime prevention advice to the occupants on how to avoid becoming a victim of burglary.  The officers will do their utmost to make contact with the occupant to secure the address. 


Operation Sunshine has been in place for a number of years – this operation focuses specifically on valuables left in vehicles that are attractive to thieves.  Officers will make contact with the registered keepers of the vehicle and offer crime prevention advice and awareness.


Areas that have seen a rise in burglary and vehicle crime are routinely patrolled by officers in uniform and plain clothes.  Stop and search is utilised where appropriate.  Press releases and other media outlets have been made to raise awareness.  Officers engage with the public regularly either on patrol or at local meetings.    


Keeping you informed


These operations run throughout the year and will continue in an effort to reduce crime.