Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

September/October - Drug Dealing, Drug Abuse and Antisocial Behaviour Byker Wall


  • We are acutely aware of the overt use of Drugs and NPS (Legal Highs) in the Byker Wall.
  • We have now executed 7 search warrants and made some significant finds.
  • We are working very closely with the Byker Community Trust and Newcastle City Council and we hope residents have noticed a decrease in persons openly injecting drugs.


  • Newcastle City Council have commenced a program to address overgrown foliage where     drug dens have been located.


  • Together with the BCT, we are working towards tenancy enforcement.
  • Six persons are now under investigation for Drug and NPS Supply.
  • Dispersal Orders have been implemented directing offenders to leave the area.
  • 22 partners have conducted site visits to Drug Dens. We are working together to address this problem through various options, of which enforcement is only one action.




September/October -Antisocial Behaviour and Criminal Damage St Peter’s Basin

  • We are investigating an increase in antisocial behaviour by young persons in SPB
  • We have implemented Dispersal Orders directing offenders to leave the area.
  • We are aware that fires and graffiti are a concern.
  • We will be managing the primary offending person(s) through prosecution and diversion.
  • The young people committing ASB are identified and known to police.
  • Neighbourhood Police Officers will be increasing their presence around SPB and retain links with Residents Groups.