Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

July 2017 : Parking Cherrywood


Keeping you informed

We are aware of the long-term concerns raised by residents regarding inconsiderate parking by staff & service users of some neighbouring private and public premises. Over the past year approaches have been made to the management of the various premises to encourage staff to park elsewhere and not park causing obstructions within the street. As discussed at the Ward meeting 29th June there should shortly be finalisation of the plan to utilise the car park by the bowls club for staff parking for the hospital to alleviate the problem. The meeting was advised the survey trigger for a residents parking scheme has not been reached.

July 2017 : Walkergate speeding in 20mph zones and inconsiderate parking around school premises around start/finish times.

What you told us:


Concern regarding the excessive speed of motor vehicles on roads governed by 20mph speed limits including Westbourne Avenue and inconsiderate parking around the entrances to schools and their crossing areas.


What we are doing about it:


Neighbourhood officers will continue to monitor traffic and use technical equipment to identify those drivers exceeding speed restrictions and with CSOs give regular attention to the roads around our schools to address inappropriate driving/inconsiderate parking in those areas.