Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

October / November 2018 : Issues with motorcycle disorder riding on public land including footpaths and bridleways.

“What you told us” 


There has been an increase in motorcycle disorder over the past few months.  


“What we are doing about it”


Police visibility has been increased in the area at key times. 

Police and Police Community Support Officers are conducting extra patrols. 

Positive action is being taken when dealing with incidents reported by members of the public. 

Where offenders are identified they will be warned and where appropriate vehicles will be seized.

Neighbourhood officers are working with Op Benili in order to identify offenders.

Neighbourhood Police Officers are working closely with Newcastle Community Safety Officers, our Newcastle ASB Lead, Youth Services and Ward Councillors to bring this situation to an end.


“Keeping you informed”


  • Officers will provide updates via the Northumbria Police website and the press.
  • SAPS meetings are conducted on a monthly basis with partner agencies.
  • POP plans have been created in order to share information with partners
    • Support and understanding from the public is crucial. To successfully bring a young person to account does require the support of witnesses.
    • Updates are provided at the local residents meeting.   
    • Information can be accessed via Newcastle North Twitter @NPCNCLNorth