Neighbourhood priorities

Northumbria Police aims to meet our commitment to you.

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:


“What you told us”


There has been reported disorder which includes fire setting and anti-social behaviour in the areas of Blakelaw Park, the “Bunker area” situated next to Moulton Place Shopping centre and within nearby multi storey flats.



“What we are doing about it”


Environmental work including cutting back the foliage and repairing damage was undertaken to improve the “Bunker area” by Community Service workers. Through Blakelaw Partnership a number of litter picks were conducted and street lighting has been repaired to allow better visibility.


Improvements to the environment were also undertaken near the Mound area within Blakelaw Park and changes to industrial bins to versions that are immobile have helped to stop them being set on fire.


Security has been improved with the multi storey blocks of flats and CCTV is utilised in relation to those causing issues.


We continually meet and work with our partners Newcastle City Council, Your Homes Newcastle, Tyne and Wear Fire Service, Councillors and youth workers to help reduce these issues.


We undertake youth engagement in the area with staff from Streetwise, Newcastle Foundation and local schools to educate young people in relation to the consequences of fire setting as well as prosecute those identified.


There are continual patrols the area with Newcastle Council Wardens as well conducting licence premises visits to ensure the responsible supply of alcohol in the area.


The Fire Service organised a day of action where fire staff, police staff and Council staff visited premises surrounding the Park area giving fire, safety and crime prevention advice.


Work continues in the area and we provide drop in’s for residents to ensure incidents are reported.