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Begging and Street Drinking in Whitley Bay Town Centre - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Begging and Street Drinking in Whitley Bay Town Centre - You Said

The Town Centre is being blighted by people sitting on street corners begging and drinking alcohol 

Begging and Drinking in Whitley Bay Town Centre - We Did

  • Through regular patrols the Officers from Whitley Bay Neighbourhood Team have identified the Key offenders for begging and street drinking  Officers continually work with the Council and other support Agencys to ensure these people are assisted in meeting their housing and social needs.

  • Where, despite assitance provided, offender have continued to publically beg Officers have succesfully sought five Civil Injuctions prohibiting these people from entering the Whitley Bay Area which has greatly reduced public concern. 

  • Whitley Bay Neighbourhood Team continue to succesfully utilise "Dispersal Orders" to move people on from the area when they are begging  and have used new powers under the "Public Space Protection Order" to seize alcohol from street drinkers.
  • This co-operative approach has allowed us to succesfully target begging and street drinking in the Town Centre, Officer continue to patrol and gather evidence against any emerging offenders.







Anti-Social Behaviour - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Anti-Social Behaviour - You Said

There is an increase in juvenile disorder at Churchill Playing Fields and surrounding streets 

Anti-Social Behaviour - We Did

  • The Neighbourhood Policing Team has increased high visibility patrols in and around  Churchhill Playing Fields  aimed at deterring people from behaving in an anti-social way and reassuring those residents who enjoy the area socially.

  • This will remain  as a priority patrol area particularly for the Community Support Officers. In addition North Tyneside Council now regulary deploy their camera van to deter any ASB. 

  • The Neighbourhood Policing Team has worked closely with surrounding schools to conduct enducation inputs on ASB and it's effects. This has  assited in  establishing positive relationships between the Police and the youths involved.
  • The Playing Fields have now become a focus of Operation Child Safe which operates by escorting children home and discussing their behaviour and its effect with their parents, making referals to Youth Offending Teams where possible, This has had a positive effect in deterring youths from engaging  in ASB in the area.

  • Officers from the Neighbourhood Team have targeted the area extensively which has led to a reduction in the amount of reports of anti- social behaviour that have been received by the Police. Officers will continue to patrol the location at key times to prevent any re-occurrence.

Inconsiderate Driving on the Coastal Route Whitley Bay - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Inconsiderate Driving on the Coastal Route Whitley Bay - You Said

Boy Racers Driving Inconsiderately and Excessive Speeds on the Links 

Inconsiderate Driving on the Coastal Route Whitley Bay - We Did

  • In response to public concern about speeding on the Links the local Neighbourhood Policing Team held public consultation meetings with residents and established that their main concern was that of excessive speeding and  vehicles racing on the Links

  • Whitley Bay Neighbourhood Team worked jointly with North Tyneside Council in establishing the Links as a Mobile Speed Camera Site, ensuring regular deployment of the Camera to the road. This together with regular patrols by the Neighbourhood Team has worked as a deterrant to drivers.
  • This partnership continues to work together on a Project of Road Improvement aimed at making the road safer. This has been done with public consultation and input.