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We asked - October 2018

What are your concerns ?

You said - October 2018

Rural crime – Poaching and cars driving onto private land causing damage and intimidation

We did - October 2018

OP Checkpoint is a meeting between game keepers/farmers and partners who share intelligence and go out together with direct contact.  The last meeting was 6th September 2018 and another is to be planned for later in the year.  Anyone is welcome to get involved via their local NPT team.

Rural farmers/game keepers have a direct phone line to their NPT officers to pass intelligence or incidents that do not need a101 response but ensure information sharing and support.

Farm watch passes regular information on suspicious vehicles and incidents.

We asked - ASB October 2018

What are your concerns in your community?

You said - ASB October 2018

ASB/Drugs – Increase in disorder around housing estates and Town Centre which was linked to drug taking and known local drug dealers

We did - ASB October 2018

Key areas such as Prior Park and Town Centre discussed with partners and we are working together to improve lighting and issue tenants

ASB letters sent out to youths causing issues.  This is also supported by Early Help teams within social services

Drug warrants executed in area over the Summer and these will continue as information is obtained. We have worked with local councillors to improve the quality of information from residents and to reassure that all information is confidential

We asked - Visability October 2018

We asked if you had any concerns or issues ?

You said - October 2018


We did - October 2018

We targeted patrol plans in Parks and Town Centre shops and put on social media where we were.

Foot patrol in Town Centres and present at community events.

Involvement in local charities such as Dementia Friends, assisting in fund raising over the summer