Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

1. October 2018: Reduce burglary dwellings in the Cramlington and Seaton Valley area

"What you told us"    

Residents and local businesses have informed us about an increase in anti-social behaviour in and around the Town Centre.

"What we are doing about it"      

We have launched Operation Disband and are currently working with our partner agencies and local business owners to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area and the impact it has on the community.

"Keeping you informed"

We will conduct high visibility patrols in the area and positive action will be taken against offenders.     

2. October 2018: Speeding in the Cramlington and Seaton Valley area.

"What you told us"

Residents have informed Police regarding speeding motorists in a number of key locations within the sector.

"What we are doing about it" 

Operation Lightning has been created which will focus on researching problem areas and with partner agencies address speeding motorists. Operation Lightening will work to:

   * target the motorists in those locations identified

   * provide high profile presence for local residents and a deterrent to motorists putting other road          users at risk

   *  educate, warn and prosecute drivers where appropriate

   *  feedback result to partners regarding long term problem solving.

Keeping you informed

Residents will be informed of successes via the Northumbria Police Sector website, social and local media, officers attending community meetings, and patrolling officers.