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Anti Social Behaviour - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Anti Social Behaviour - You Said

Residents in the Morpeth sector have complained about vehicle related
anti-social behaviour and speeding in Morpeth. 

Anti Social Behaviour - We Did

A number of different measures were implemented which assisted to reduce the disorder.

- Dedicated patrols from our Motor Patrols Officers (On-going).

- Regular patrols in the locality were instigated.

- Morpeth Neighbourhood Team implemented Operation Gatsby and worked together with VOSA     across the sector to conduct checks on vehicles which would reveal any:

- Road traffic infringements - Gather Intelligence

-Speed-Gun deployment (On-going)

Dog Fouling / Litter - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Dog Fouling / Litter - You Said

A number of residents raised the issue of Dog Fouling within the Morpeth
Town Centre Estates.

Dog Fouling / Litter - We Did

Joint patrols are taking place with Northumberland County Council Enforcement Officers to highlight to them the problem areas and enforcement action can be carried out by our partner agency.

Parking - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Parking - You Said

A number of concerns were raised by parents relating to non-compliance
of ‘No Stopping Zones’ outside the schools in Morpeth. 

Parking - We Did

Officers from Morpeth Neighbourhood Team have worked together and will continue to work with Northumberland County Council Civil Enforcement officer to educate drivers and enforce the regulations.

The above issues are current and are still be targeted by Police and partner agencies.