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Motorcycle Disorder - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Motorcycle Disorder - You Said

Nuisance and persistent motorcycle disorder and damage caused by this disorder particularly around the Elemore Lane Golf Club and Airedale Gardens in Hetton le Hole and Easington Lane.

Motorcycle Disorder - We Did

The police mounted a plain clothes operation at the golf club and in the surrounding streets over a number of weeks. During this time they were able to identify a number of persistent offenders who have had their bikes seized and crushed and one offender has been arrested. This operation has led to a decrease in reports of this type of behaviour in that area however the police will continue to monitor the situation and will deal robustly with anyone committing further offences.

ASB in Houghton Hetton & Easington Lane caused by Off-road bikes

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Anti Social Behaviour Houghton, Hetton, Easington Lane - Off road bikes

We continue to get reports of people riding off road bikes on grassed areas and footpaths.

ASB - Houghton, Hetton & Easington Lane caused by Off-road bikes

Operation candy is running to target off-road bikes.

We have seized a number of bikes which have been crushed and will continue to do this where they are being used in an anti social manner.

Through the local multi agency partnership group we have 3G cameras at various locations to reocrd offending behaviour.

2,000 leaflets have recently been delivered in hotspot areas urging the public to provide information regarding offenders and their vehicles.  The Police will act on this information.

ASB Youths gathering and drinking in Hillside area of Houghton

Dispersal zones have been created at peak times.  This gives Police powers to remove the youths and prevent them from returning within 24 hours.

Anti Social Behaviour letters are sent out to parents.  Repeat offenders are dealt with by anti Social Behaviour legislation, addressing their behaviour.

We are working closely with our partners. Home visits are conducted with the Local authoirty or ASB Officers from Housing Providers.  Where offenders persist, warning notices are served and tenancies can be put at risk.

Target patrols at peak times.


ASB Youths gathering and drinking in Hillside area of Houghton

This will remain a Police priority for the Police in the Hillside area.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will keep the community updated through Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings.  For more information on these meetings please check this web site for meetings in your area.