Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

1. Motorcycle disorder in Ryhope and Doxford Park

“What you told us”

Complaints are being received about off road motor cycles being used in an inconsiderate and Anti Social manner in Ryhope and Doxford Park.

“What are we doing about it?”

Neighbourhood officers are working with local councillors, businesses and youth diversionary groups to address the issues. Neighbourhood officers are conducting extra patrols in the area at key times as well as response officers. Motor patrols officers have been tasked with patrolling these areas in their down time as their vehicles are equipped with cameras which can prove invaluable in identifying those responsible.  Any persons found to be using off road bikes illegally will be positively dealt with which could include having their motor cycles seized.

“Keeping you informed”

The neighbourhood policing team will continue to keep the community updated through local Partner and Community Together (PACT) meetings. More information about when they are held can be found in the events section. 

2. Youth Anti Social Behaviour - Toward Road

“What you told us”

There have been concerns raised by the community that there has been an increase in youth related ASB in the Toward Road area.

“What are we doing about it ?”

  • Targeted patrols at key identified times.

  • Plain clothes patrols

  • A meeting will be held with management of nearby assisted living establishment to discuss possible interventions

  • 3g cameras will be installed to monitor the behaviour. 

“Keeping you informed”

Police Community Support Officers will be engaging with the Community to let them know what is happening. Further updates will be provided at the local P.A.C.T meeting and on the Website. 

events section.